At CrossFit Independence our workouts are based on three fundamentals: Constantly Varied, High intensity, Functional movements. What exactly does that mean? Let’s break it down.

Constantly varied
One of the unique qualities of CrossFit is the constantly change workouts. We are constantly changing our workouts so you do not get stuck in the redundancy of a “routine” Workout program. Many times people will get into a routine where they do the same items over and over and after a while they lose interest in fitness. Through the constantly varied component we are able to constantly stimulate the brain and body to be challenged which in turns keeps our clients interested in fitness. The Monday leg day Tuesday bench day and Wednesday shoulder day method is a product of the “routine” and for the most part not constantly varied.

High Intensity
All of our workouts are times or scored. We train all of our members like athletes even know they may not consider themselves athletes. We try to create a competitive environment where weather our members are competing against themselves or with a workout partner they feel a push a drive to do more and be better than they were the day before. Each workout begins with a 3,2,1 Go and weather your first or last to finish your supported and encouraged by everyone to finish.

Functional Movements
Functional movement’s means we use techniques and movements that we could encountering everyday life to train in our workouts. Squatting is like getting up and down out of a chair; deadlifting is like picking a child up off the ground, Farmers carries are like bringing groceries in from the car. Those are just a couple examples of functional movements. When you enter our gym you will not find a host of machinery to workout with. You will find medicine balls, barbells, bumper plates, pull up rig, kettle bells, climbing ropes, Gymnastics rings, and boxes. We use these items to help us carry out the functional movement’s component our training method.

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